About Us

FIRST PACE Credit Union provides credit union services designed specifically to meet the unique financial needs of our members and their families.

Unlike a bank, we are a not-for-profit, member-owned financial institution. That means, instead of profits going to stockholders, we return our earnings to our members in the form of higher savings rates, lower loan rates, and fewer and lower fees. And each member account is insured to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration.

Eligibilty? We want you with us! If you are a USW Union member living or working in Minnesota or Wisconsin, you can become a member of FIRST PACE Credit Union. Once you join, any of your relatives are all eligible for membership...for life. All you need to do to join is complete a membership application and make a minimum $10 deposit into a share savings account.

FIRST PACE Credit Union was organized in 1963 to serve members of the O.C.A.W. Union Locals 6-409, 6-662, 6-715, International Union District #6 and employees of  the credit union. The first office opened on September 20, 1963 and was on University Avenue in St. Paul and was open 1 hour per week. We've come a long way since then and are still here to help you with your financial goals and options.

We are chartered by the State of Minnesota and regulated by the Minnesota Department of Commerce. The Credit Union receives leadership from the five Board of Directors and operational guidance by the three Supervisory Committee Members. These are volunteer positions elected at the annual meeting.

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