At FIRST PACE Credit Union we have a better way to grow your money. Take the easy way with our limited time 8 month Term Share Certificate at 2.00% APR*.


*APR (Annual Percentage Rate). $10,000 minimum, new money only. Non-renewable term.


When you're ready for a new car, truck, or motorcycle lift the hood! FIRST PACE Credit Union is cooking for you! Our rates are the perfect ingredients to make that new 'grill' happen for you. Join hundreds of hard working FIRST PACE members just like you, who scoop up the low rate and save money by borrowing with us.


You will not only have more money left in your budget, you'll enjoy fast and friendly service. For example, the payment for a 5 year, $12,000 loan at 3.24% APR* is $217.00 per month.


Whether you are ready to buy or just starting to think about buying, apply today and we will lock in your rate for 30 days.


Now is also a great time to review your auto insurance options. Through your membership with FIRST PACE Credit Union you have access to get a free quote through our partners at TruStage. TruStage has many customizable insurance packages that fit into any budget, contact them today.

Apply for your loan today!




Direct Deposit

Send your payroll, Social Security or Retirement Income by Direct Deposit to your savings or checking account at FIRST PACE Credit Union. All you need is our routing number 296075564 and your credit union account (member) number. For individuals who receive Social Security or Supplemental Security Income payments, all federal benefits payments must be made electronically. Contact us today or enroll online at

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