Now through October 5th we are collecting donations for      

Neighbors Inc. a local food shelf.

We are looking for donations of:

Non-perishable food

Powdered laundry soap

Dryer sheets

Powdered dishwasher soap

We will be closed October 8th to participate in CU Forward Day. A day set aside for credit union employees to make a difference in the community. We will prepare laundry kits and bring them to the food shelf on that day and spend time helping at their site.



Direct Deposit
Send your payroll, Social Security or Retirement Income by Direct Deposit to your savings or checking account at FIRST PACE Credit Union. All you need is our routing number 296075564 and your credit union account (member) number. For individuals who receive Social Security or Supplemental Security Income payments, all federal benefits payments must be made electronically. Contact us today or enroll online at

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