Fee Schedule
Effective Date: Effective 7/1/2021
Checking and/or Savings
Check order varies by style
Check order Platinum members 1 Free box/year
Account reconciliation $20/hour ($5 minimum)
Copy of Check $3.00
Credit Union Account Transfer $1.50 ($3.00 daily limit - FREE online)
Overdraft/NSF item paid $25.00 ($100 daily limit)
Overdraft/NSF item returned $25.00 ($100 daily limit)
Returned ACH Transaction $25.00
Returned check deposited $10.00
Stop Payment (one item or series) $20.00
Money Market Savings below minimum balance $10/month
Debit Cards
ATM Withdrawal Transaction $1.00 (3 Free/month)
Card Recovery Fee $65.00
Cards in excess of 2 $5.00
Documentation fee $10.00
Reissue Debit Card PIN $5.00
Replace Debit Card $10.00
Convenience Services  
Online & Mobile Banking FREE
Bill Pay FREE expedited shipping charges may apply
Mobile Deposit FREE
Text Banking FREE
Person-to-Person Payment FREE expedited payment charges may apply
Institution-to-Institution (Account to Account) Transfers  
-Incoming FREE expedited payment charges may apply
-Outgoing $2.00 expedited payment charges may apply
Same Day ACH $5.00
Account History printout $2.00
Address Change not reported by member $5.00
Copy of Statement $5.00 - FREE online
Dormant Account $10.00/month (Members over 18 years of age, balance $50 or less & after 18 months with no activity)
Ley/Garnishment $25.00
Research $25.00/hour ($5 minimum)
Stop Payment Corporate Check $30.00
VISA Gift Card $3.00/card
VISA Reloadable Card $3.00/card (Unlimited Reloads by Member, additional $3.00 Reload fee when done by Credit Union)
Wire Transfer  
-Outgoing $15.00
-Incoming $5.00
Mail Service Charge of $1.00 for each requested check mailing if Share account balance goes below $200.00
GAP $379.00
Extended Warranty $350.00
Internal Refinance Fee $100.00
Title Transfer Fee $20.00
Duplicate Lien Release $10.00
Late Loan Payment: Consumer - 5% of payment
  Home Equity - $25.00
Home Equity Closing Costs $200.00
Home Equity Loan increase $200.00
Re-open HE Line of Credit $100.00
Duplicate Satisfaction of Mortgage $100.00

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